The “twin” fruit

With the term navel orange it is indicated generically a variety of orange that has a typical twin fruit (said, precisely, navel) inside the peel, located at the opposite pole with respect to the petiole. The varieties of Citrus sinensis containing navels are Washington Navel, Navelina, Thompson, Navelate, and Golden Buckeye. The varieties of Citrus sinensis that contain navel are Washington Navel, Navelina, Thompson, Navelate, Golden Buckeye.



The history of the Geraci family is a story with deep roots and well planted in the land of origin. A sunny, fertile and luxuriant land, which for 2000 years has been home to the olive trees that fueled the first fires and the first trade in the world. A land located in the heart of Magna Graecia, the Piana of Sibari. In this land the Geraci family has been producing quality extra virgin olive oil for three generations. Precious oil with an unmistakable flavor, which originally, in the early 1900s, was intended exclusively for family consumption and, sometimes, as a sign of privileged friendship to a small circle of friends. Nowadays the family all work for their agricultural holding to produce and sell high-quality extra virgin olive oil, together with their production and distribution of citrus fruits including PGI Calabrian clementines (protected geographical indication). Skilfully blending tradition and innovation, they draw on the knowledge and probity of past generations to develop the work they love.