Bicycles in celebration

Sport and free time, a common feeling, social aggregation, a tool for regaining possession of spaces, places and nature, three days dedicated to the bicycle, to its many uses and benefits. The guest event in a location of excellence in the Piana di Sibari, surrounded by ancient olive groves and citrus groves, overlooks the ancient village of Corigliano Calabro, areas dedicated to children will be set up in the company spaces, “Bike Park” where they can practice the use of the bicycle safely, you can walk in the family olive grove, visit the oil mill. An MTB excursion is scheduled for the event, 15 km to the ancient village, the river and surrounding countryside, medium difficulty, as well as moments of tastings, popular music, debate on local “cycle tourism” development, environment. Olearia Geraci, C/DA Irpietro, 87064 Corigliano Calabro (Cs) Italy, Centro Storico DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM AND / OR THE INVITATION

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