The surface on which you rest every night is very important. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at your mattress to see what you find. We want to become a mattress expert so take note !!

We tell you every detail of our mattress. We highlight each term with which our engineering team is obsessed and dreams every night.

  • Airflow: The top layer of the mattress is a mixture of materials that causes it to heat up naturally and stay cool all night.
  • Blood circulation: In addition to improving air flow, this layer improves the blood circulation of our body.
  • Adaptability: The materials that make up the mattress make it more adaptable, in addition to releasing the pressure exerted by our body on the mattress when we lie down.
  • Comfort: Based on numerous tests we have done. Our team has created an objective comfort metric.
  • Fiber soft: With the best-Sanitized technology. Our outer layer is composed of materials that protect from mites, bacteria, and eliminates odors.
  • Durability: The greater the density of the mattress, the longer it retains structural integrity. Mattress Morfeo is 27 cm wide will make it stay like the first night.
  • Micromoles ensacados: it provides adaptability and independence of beds that no other material offers. These micro-springs of a size of around 4.5 cm provide a feeling of adaptability and comfort superior to other mattresses
  • Consistency: The molecular composition must be kept constant in all parts of the mattress, so you will sleep comfortably no matter which side of the bed you choose.
  • Heat management: The materials a mattress is made of and how it is designed to have a great impact on the temperature our body reaches night. The mattress is designed to improve and optimize the heat generated while we sleep.
  • Firmness: Our engineers have created the perfect firmness that helps us rest better
  • Cuisine: The distance that one is willing to go once you lie down for the first time.
  • Telling little sheep: It will take on a completely new meaning when you have a Morpheus.

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