Foam mattresses, or foam rubber, are very different from HR foam mattresses that offer the best quality brands. The latter are manufactured with high density and quality foams, with materials suitable for the best rest.

The foam mattresses have lower densities and therefore have a cheaper price. As a general rule, this type of mattress is usually used for beds where you do not sleep every day, such as sofa beds or trundle beds.

When we speak of a mattress is foam, it means that the core is of this material. The core of mattresses is that aspect that determines others such as durability or level of firmness. These mattresses may have padding on both sides, to be used interchangeably or only in one of them.

Nowadays, we can find different types of foam mattresses:

  • HR foam: this type of mattress is the evolution of polyurethane mattresses. Its production and its benefits have changed over the years. Currently, they are the most suitable for those seeking comfort. This type of mattress offers greater comfort and durability compared to other types of mattresses.
  • Viscoelastic foam: this material is incorporated as a layer of comfort along with other types of materials such as springs. Thus, the heat effect or the feeling of trapping is avoided. These mattresses are thermo sensitive foams that react to the heat of the person who sleeps in it. When it is cold, it adapts when it detects human heat.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses usually generate a sense of complete comfort to those who sleep in them. It is more elastic and receptive with movements during sleep.
  • Bultex: this foam is high density and is the most advanced that exists so far in the market. Unlike others, they have an internal structure composed of millions of independent and elastic cells. In this way, they are very resistant and offer a progressive firmness depending on body weight. Thus, the balance between ventilation capacity and durability are greater than the rest of the mattresses.

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