In the box spring sleep solution, quality is everything, and that has its price. For certain medical indicators, box spring beds are less recommendable because they cannot be individually adapted to the body in order to be able to address certain problem areas.

  1. A plus in comfort – the higher bed height. By default, the box spring bed is higher than the ordinary bed with slatted frame, making it easy to go to bed and get up. This level of comfort is generally recommended by sleep doctors and orthopedists. According to them, a bed is an ideal height if you can sit on the edge of your bed with your knees bent at right angles and your feet are flat on the floor. In a marriage bed, the ideal height can not necessarily be achieved for both partners, since a possibly strong body size difference requires a suitable compromise to be found in order to obtain identical lying surface without height differences in the bed. In addition to the comfortable height to get up a high bed is also easier to obtain and also as a seat, it has many advantages.
  2. If you are looking for solid quality and quality workmanship when buying the bed, then a box spring bed is a faithful and long companion. High-quality workmanship leads to a long-lasting sleep system that will accompany you for many years with outstanding comfort.
  3. Component replacement: Most box spring beds manufacturers offer the modular purchase of individual components. Thus, you can reorder items at any time, without having to replace the entire bed.
  4. A bed in a box is a true oasis of sleep. Due to the large upholstered surfaces, this bed radiates peace and warmth at the same time. In addition to the comfort, the box spring bed is an absolute eye-catcher in the bedroom.

Box spring beds offer an optimized sleeping environment. Everyone sweats in their sleep. Depending on how much you sweat, the body loses in the course of a night about half a liquid such as sweat and saliva. Due to the double-stored pocket springs, the mattress acts like an accordion. Air is constantly circulated through the core, so that moisture is transported out of the core as quickly as possible so that a dry sleeping climate can prevail.